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Philly Bike Ads' Bike Billboards allow you to gain high level exposure that will connect your brand in ways that leave a lasting impression on your target audience.   Bike Billboards allow your message to reach its audience in places other forms of media simply can't match!

Reach your audience


Our Bike Billboards allow you to target a specific audience where other forms of media simply can't reach.  Bike Billboards are great for downtown areas, crowded weekend destinations, parks and more! 

  • Target your audience with a pre-planned map of where your Ad will be shown
  • Track your Ad with GPS accountability 
  • Go where the traffic is! 
  • Add Energy and excitement to your campaign!

Go green with philly bike ads


Our Highly visible Bike Billboards are a great way to gain exposure in an eco friendly way. Your target audience will appreciate your brand using a green, human powered form of advertising! 

  • Eco Friendly
  • People Powered
  • Zero Carbon emissions
  • Promotes a great brand image

3 step process

1) create ad


Send us the creative for your Bike Billboard or have us help you make one!  Our Bike Ads are a great way to gain exposure in hard to target areas where your target audience frequents. 

2) select target area


We use GOOGLE Maps to create a custom targeted map to reach your audience.  We will create a map for your campaign which will reach your intended audience.

3) employ your ad & monitor


Approve your campaign and we're good to go! We will employ your Bike Billboard campaign, continuously monitor through our area managers who you have direct access to, and report results back to you!

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